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My friends :*) !!!

Names in [Bold] may denote printable nicknames. This is by no means a comprehensive list of my friends, there are many who know me (including those who maintain I was at the White Heart (public house) ) This list is based on a file I have been writing for quite some time, I think I prefer this version. I hope to have mentioned you all. Some of the below ..... "I have come to regard you as ... people I've met" and don't really know at all - IT JUST LOOKS GOOD! Not all the nicknames are true. This list isn't finished yet ... Objects may in the rear view mirror may appear closer but this is just an illusion and actually they could be a bit further away. Batteries not included. Fish licence required. Can I go now doctor?

This page has been designed for Netscape 1.1N and tries to be lynx friendly too. Sorry if owners of Netscape 2 don't like this but as soon as I get access to a machine that I can try Netscape 2 on then I shall change my pages. I know HTML 3 but as yet have nothing to test my pages on - erm ... I think I need to re-write this bit ... and get some more sleep before I try again.....
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