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Mi Lyinkz !!!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of my links,. This list is based on a file I have been writing for quite some time, I think I prefer this version. This list isn't finished yet ... Objects may in the rear view mirror may appear closer but this is just an illusion and actually they could be a bit further away. Batteries not included. Fish licence required. Can I go now doctor?

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  1. Interesting [?] stuff [!]

  2. Mindless Pap! [yay... cool!]

  3. Wasted Slow Space

This page has been designed for Netscape 1.1N and tries to be lynx friendly too. Sorry if owners of Netscape 2 don't like this but as soon as I get access to a machine that I can try Netscape 2 on then I shall change my pages. I know HTML 3 but as yet have nothing to test my pages on - erm ... I think I need to re-write this bit ... and get some more sleep before I try again.....
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